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Continuing Osteopathic Studies
Higashi Betsuin Kaikan
Nagoya, Japan
March 26-29

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Pediatrics II
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
April 9-12

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Pediatrics I
Florianopolis, Brazil
April 18-21

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase IV Review
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
May 22-24 (3 days)

The Ocean
Bavarian Pediatric School & Clinic for Traditional Osteopathy

Bürgersaal Walkertshofen, Germany
Fall 2021 TBD

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase I
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
September 17-20

Biodynamics of Osteopathy - Phase V
Great Barrington, Massachusetts
October 22-25


Osteopathic Children's Foundation
Kassel, Germany
January 16-19